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It's Time to Travel

It's been a few weeks since I wrote my last social post and lots has happened since then. First, I can't believe it's already February cause January went by so quick. I still want to write 2021 when I'm writing out a date, but I have to remember it's 2022.

Trip One: Well let's get to the fun stuff: travel stories. I have my first trip here in a few weeks, and I am starting off by going to Miami for South Beach Food and Wine. This is one of the signature food events in the US, and all the big names chefs attend. I'm excited to try delicious food, meet tons of my idols, and relax by the beach in sunny Florida for a few days. I'm on a diet going into this trip cause I'm ready to eat my weight in food lol!

Trip Two: I'll head from Miami to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (my first trip to South America). I've super pumped for this trip as I'm going with a group of friends over what would have been Carnivale. They delayed the festivities for the biggest Carnivale celebration, but it's okay because this will be an amazing trip to one of the best cities in Brazil. I'll be seeing all the amazing sights, doing a few adventure activities, relaxing by the beach, and trying Brazilian food just to name a few things. Brazilian food is very much naturally gluten free, which makes this trip easy for me. I can't wait to share pics from this trip cause it is definitely a trip of a lifetime, and Rio has always been my top city in Brazil to visit.

After 1.5 weeks in Miami and Rio, I'll be heading back to Chicago for a week before I jet off to Costa Rica. I'll be going with Zaney Travel, who specializes in allergy travel. I initially talked to them in December to organize my trip, and I was all set to go in January. Unfortunately with my uncle's passing, I put this on hold and talked to the trip organizer to reschedule for March. My head and mind is in a better place now and I'm ready to experience what Costa Rica has to offer. From the mountains to beaches to national parks to Costa Rican cuisine and more; this will be like Rio for me with experiencing a new country and culture. Costa Rica like Rio has been on my bucket list for years, so when I was contacted to go; it was a 100% yes.

The second half of February and March will be very busy for me, and I'm ready for it! I have travel in my blood, and it will be great to escape the Chicago winter and head to three warm places for fun in the sun.

Come back soon for the travel stories!

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