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Discount Codes

Links for Discount Codes


"lovecoffee" for 20% off

C Krueger's Finest Baked Goods

"platingwithperel" for 20% off

Jackson's Chips

"RYAN10" for 10% off

Swiss Diamond

"RYAN10" for 10% off

Tastee Kitchen

"Perel20" for $20 off

Fresh Jax

Alla's Yummy Food

Zulay Kitchen Code "PLANTINGWITHPEREL20" 20% off​​​

Hudson River Foods


It's Skinny Pasta

"PEREL15" for 15% off

Meater  or "PLATINGWITHPEREL10" for 10% off

Awake Chocolate

"GFPEREL" for 25% off



Poop Like a Champion

"Perel10" for 10% off

New Primal

"PLATINGWITHPEREL15" for 15% off

Tortilla Plug

"platingwithperel" for 15% off


"West402" discount code or



"NUWAVE603" for $25 off your order of $100 or more

Keto Krack'd

"PLATINGWITHPEREL" for 15% off website or "PLATINGWITHPEREL20" for 20% off on the app

The Cumin Club

"15TCCPEREL" for 15% off


Cole & Mason

Charlie's Table

"platingwithperel25" for 25% off flours

Pnuff Crunch

"PLATING10" for 10% off

Boss Defrost

"RP10" for 10% off

Beth's Blends

"platingwithperel" for 10% off your purchase

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