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Brands I Have Worked With

-Canyon Bakehouse

-Hudson River Foods/Cherrybrook Kitchen

-Barilla Pasta US

-Celiac Disease Foundation



-Zaney Travel

-Red Robin

-The New Primal

-Zulay Kitchen


-Artisan Tropic

-Culinary Jo Chef

-Just About Foods

-Eat Proper Good



-Cleveland Whiskey

-Cook with Crafted

Media Appearances

-Rat in the Kitchen on TBS: Season 1 Episode 8 The Case of the Odious Olive Pit

-Voyage MIA Article

Links for Discount Codes

Zulay Kitchen Code "PLANTINGWITHPEREL20" 20% off​

Weller Code

"platingwithperel15” for 15% off

Hudson River Foods


It's Skinny Pasta

"PEREL15" for 15% off